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Happiness is Accomplished Tasks

Our new flock has arrived.  They will be 1 week old tomorrow.  We ordered 5 Buff Orpington pullets, 5 Silver-laced Wyandotte pullets and 5 mixed Golden-laced Polish.  We received 1 extra Buff Orpington and lost 1 of our Silver-laced chicks.  So we have 15 fats little chicks left.  They are fluff balls of adorableness!

We completed Halo’s new paddock and took the girls completely off the grass on March 19th.  Today we finished fencing in the front ¼ of an acre and let them out for the first time in almost a month.  Needless to say they were beyond excited.  If you have never attempted to lead two Thoroughbreds from dry lots across bountiful grass after they have been put up for almost a whole month…..well don’t!

The fan is up, the lighting is up, the manure bunker is complete (until we get further wood) AND we have some really wonderful looking raised beds for our garden filled with lovely compost.

I have learned something very important about myself during these past 10 months of hard work here the farm.  I would rather sweat and struggle and pick ticks off my worn out carcass every day working for myself than sit in my nice air-conditioned office working for the man!


Meet the Mares

After months of painstaking searching, our family is under contract for these two beautiful OTTB mares. The first is Dixie, of whom I regretfully only have one picture.

She is by Werblin and out of Dash Home x Two Punch. She is a 15.3h, 2006, Chestnut Mare. Very solidly built, rugged looking girl that retired sound from the track. We’re told she is a real sweetheart that can be ridden in just a halter. She should be perfect for the more inexperienced in our family and hopefully will make a nice Pony Clubber!

Next is my new love–Halo!

She is by the great stallion Raffie’s Majesty and out of My Very Own Angel who is by the GREAT stallion Halo. Some really amazing breeding here. She is a 16.2, black, 2003 mare, who also retired sound from the track in 2007. I am in love with her legs! Look at her shoulder, extension, heart girth….everything about her screams quality. I think this beautiful girl is going to excell at whatever job she is given. I have no doubt she is going to produce some amazing warmblood babies!

Let me know what you think about our girls!