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Farming Friday-3 Great Things About Farming

While I can think of many reasons farming is fantastic, today I will stick to just 3.

#1 Constant Improvement

Around the farm there is always something to work on. There is always a project that needs completion, or land that needs clearing, or fence that needs work. Once finished, you have the powerful sense of accomplishment that only witnessing change wrought with your own hands (or heavy powered machinery) can bring.

Project Completion

This is the greatest nesting box in the world! You are certainly free to disagree, but you MUST post pictures of a different one in order to do so. AND I must add that this nesting box was made by TheManWhoKnowsEverything using an old bench and scrap wood he had lying around.

Clearing Land

Clearing Land

If you compare the right hand sides of the two above pictures you will see how much we accomplished….not to mention the fun of FIRE!

Working on Fence

If you haven’t balanced a fencepost on your head have you truly lived?

#2 Involving the Kids

I cannot think of better way to teach children a good work ethic than farming. They learn that work produces results. They learn responsibility and patience through the care of animals. They also learn super important things like chicken poop stinks way worse than horse poop. Maybe all this teaches them the important noble lessons that we hope or perhaps it just teaches them to live in loft apartments in big cities.

Buddy Working

Red Working the Wheelbarrow

#3 Living with Horses!

This reason is self explanatory….but an excuse to post pictures nonetheless!

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Coop Envy

I never thought I would be envious of chicken coops. Nevertheless, after lurking around for quite sometime on Backyard Chickens I found some coops that filled me with a difficult to explain covetousness. As you can see, some people are ridiculously blessed in the coop area.

The problem with having a coop of our own is that The Geek, my beloved, is a very….frugal (YES CHEAP! Oh he is SOOOO CHEAP!) individual. He said we didn’t have the money to buy one of those lovely manufactured coops. He said we could build one ourselves! I have only one issue with that scenario. Our combined knowledge of building comes to about –16. So just one issue, but a pretty significant one.

Here is what WE have so far. Looks slightly different from the other chicken palaces doesn’t it?

Things We Need to Learn

We have a lot of things to learn.

One of my primary goals is to be a functional self-sufficient family. We have a slightly sloping ¼ acre that I want to have under cultivation next spring. As you can see from prior reports the plan is to have a free ranging laying flock sufficient for our needs and then some. I would also like to raise at least 20 free-range meat chickens per year. That should approximate to 100 lbs of chicken meat. Another goal for the spring is to get a nice dual purpose cow, with an eye to raise and slaughter one calf per year and naturally utilize the excess milk. And of course the foundation of our family/business venture—the horses.

So we need to learn about:



Raising and processing free range chickens

Raising cattle for beef and for dairy


Accounting and marketing wouldn’t hurt either!

Our cumulative knowledge of these things is approximately zero (unless the fact that the Man Who Knows Everything is my father confers genetic knowledge!)
If you have any thoughts concerning books or websites that you have found helpful on the above topics—please let us know!

The Fence

We moved to the new property May 31st and it has been a whirlwind of work since then. I wanted to update you all and let you see the first of our endeavors in establishing our family farm—the all important fence. We researched fences extensively for safety, cost and aesthetics before choosing the HorseGuard Fence. This is an electric mesh tape that I think looks wonderful.

The Man who Knows Everything came down to help The Geek and myself, because we are VERY inexperienced when it comes to….well just about any DIY project. Luckily if you can build it, grow it or do it outside TMWKE can tell you how to do it right!

We had to dig some amazingly deep post holes by hand in dirt that very closely resembled concrete. The trick to this is a long metal rod that you insert after you get the hole started to loosen the dirt. Who knew?
Luckily we chose to use wood posts that needed be sunk by hand only on the corners. Each area has to be completely weedeated and trimmed of any brush or trees that could come into contact with the electric fence. As you can see this was a significant task in itself. Each and every one of the 120+ T-post not only had to be driven into the insanely hard ground, but carefully leveled at the same time.

The amount of work this required is very difficult to imagine if you have never done it. I must also mention the place was swarming in ticks (which TMWKE is allergic to) and 90+ degrees. Honestly though, looking at the final results makes it all worthwhile.

An offer made and more of the Prospective Property!

So an offer has been made on the prospective property! Actually two offers were made–ours and some other person. Today the real estate agent called to let us know the seller had declined the other offer and countered ours. They are still a ways off from what we are willing to pay in this market…..but they came down $10k which is not a bad start! So here are some more pictures of the property since you probably weren’t sure if we had actually noticed the inside or not!

Would all of you who read this pray that if this is God’s will for our family…..that it be done!