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Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday


Happiness is Accomplished Tasks

Our new flock has arrived.  They will be 1 week old tomorrow.  We ordered 5 Buff Orpington pullets, 5 Silver-laced Wyandotte pullets and 5 mixed Golden-laced Polish.  We received 1 extra Buff Orpington and lost 1 of our Silver-laced chicks.  So we have 15 fats little chicks left.  They are fluff balls of adorableness!

We completed Halo’s new paddock and took the girls completely off the grass on March 19th.  Today we finished fencing in the front ¼ of an acre and let them out for the first time in almost a month.  Needless to say they were beyond excited.  If you have never attempted to lead two Thoroughbreds from dry lots across bountiful grass after they have been put up for almost a whole month…..well don’t!

The fan is up, the lighting is up, the manure bunker is complete (until we get further wood) AND we have some really wonderful looking raised beds for our garden filled with lovely compost.

I have learned something very important about myself during these past 10 months of hard work here the farm.  I would rather sweat and struggle and pick ticks off my worn out carcass every day working for myself than sit in my nice air-conditioned office working for the man!

Spring 2011

For those of you who have been wondering what happened to us…..winter happened. The freezing temperatures meant busting more ice than I care to think about and watching hay disappear at an expected, but nonetheless, depressing rate. We lost our entire flock of hens and guineas to a late night carnival of blood by some local carnivore. Mostly though, winter is a time for waiting. Waiting for daylight and the ability that comes along with it for working folk to actually DO stuff after 5:00. However, it wasn’t all bad:

Over the winter I spent a lot of time thinking about the projects we would need to complete once the wait was over. We need to add internal fencing to allow for pasture rotation. We need to add a paddock for Halo so that both mares can have access to shelter and be kept off the grass for a couple of months. Then her stall needs a second door so she can get in said paddock. We need a light in the barn and some outdoor lighting around the garage. The girls need an industrial barn fan so this summer isn’t quite as miserable as the last (especially for the much anticipated foal!). We need a web cam with night vision so we can spy on Halo when the time draws near. We need a manure bunker to add some structure to our out of control shit! We need lime for the pasture. About 1.8 tons per acre according to our soil report. We need raised beds for vegetables because I cannot continue to condone paying $1.48 for a green pepper! We need a new and improved chicken coop and a new flock. We need to clean land any chance we get for expansion. We need to clean out all creeks on our land to allow some damp spots to dry out. We also need to breed Sparrow to her chosen beau. And of course, await the impending birth of our farm’s first born.

Well, I am exhausted just from writing that all down! Wish us luck as we kick off Spring 2011 on our farm with……lots of work!

Decluttering continues

As many of you know, we are moving this weekend! As the stack of boxes in the staging area grows, so does the amazing amount of things that we have either trashed or donated. The trunk of my car is literally crammed today with wonderful toys, clothes (including a like new leather jacket) and other items to give to a church yard sale this Saturday.

Why donate a perfectly good leather jacket? Because in line with my quest for simplification I am realizing that just because something is perfectly good, does not mean that it is perfectly good for ME! As I pack I have examined items and asked two simple questions—Do I use this? And/Or Do I love this? If the answer is no—out it goes.

Do a search on peaceful images and normally landscapes will be returned. I noted that they all had something in common, they were simple and uncluttered. A cluttered house gives me such a feeling of conflict and chaos. Everything I can get rid of now is one step closer to peace in our new home.

Pollyanna Project Day One

Pollyanna had it easy! She started the Glad Game at a young age and thus it was an entrenched habit. Negativity and a quick temper are practically part of my DNA! Needless to say Day One of the Project was easier said than done. I found myself engaged in a negative conversation before 9 o’clock. I had made at least four hundred and 16 negative mental judgments before lunch. I had one full on blood pressure rising outpouring of anger before 5 o’clock and exactly one poor me pity party before I went to bed. Any suggestions?

This was not the start for which I had hoped. So with Monday behind me, I will let you know I started off Tuesday mainly trying to keep my mouth shut since that seems to be the best way to stay the flow of negativity. How do you think that worked for me?

BTW the blog does not count towards my negativity quotient!

Pollyanna Project

One of the primary reasons I am simplifying my life is Happiness. Happiness can be such an ephemeral thing. Something that has been preventing me from receiving it is my anger and negativity. I had always thought that sharing feelings of anger with others was cathartic. Instead what I have discovered is that each time I “vent” my anger increases exponentially. If I do not give in to my anger and negative feelings, then they dissipate!

So this week kicks off my Pollyanna Project! I am going to try to make it through a whole week without venting, complaining or speaking negatively. I will act cheerful until I FEEL cheerful! I will be kind to others. And above all I will not yell at my children (no matter how hardcore they provoke me!).

Stay tuned!