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Farming Friday

Today is a very exciting day around the farm.  After enduring many fractuosities (which is a big word for the whole lotta crazy stuff that happened) our big red mare was bred today!  I noted over the weekend an increase in Sparrow’s “friendly” feelings, we had the vet out on Wednesday.  Dr Brian took care of several things, like Halo’s 2nd  Pneumabort shot (getting close now!) and then he “probed” Sparrow.  She was less than thrilled with this turn of events.  However, we were thrilled to see this:

So we ordered the semen from her future baby daddy and sent her to the vet to spend the weekend.  She was inseminated for the first time today with a lovely 4.5 cm follicle.  The vet said the semen was beautiful (only an equine vet would say such a thing….lol) 65% motility.  She will be inseminated again tomorrow and then the wait will begin.
Here is our girl 2006 Chestnut Thoroughbred Dixie Dash (truly horrible name so we call her Sparrow)

Here is the prospective sire 1999 15.3 hh Bay Leopard Spotted Knabstrupper Colorado Skrødstrup

Colorado is the very first Knabstrupper to complete the 70 day testing process!   Where he placed 3rd in Dressage and 5th overall (and that was after his 5% age deduction!), with 9.5 for temperament, 9’s on character constitution, rideability, and trainability, and 8s and 8.5s for his gaits.

Colorado is owned by Avalon Equines.  I cannot say enough about how truly helpful, knowledgeable and kind his owner Kathy St. Martin is!  If you are looking for a stallion I would recommend checking out hers!