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Farming Friday-Coop Redo!

Since the fiasco of the broken level, we have been planning another coop.  The Geek has been bringing home scrap 2×4’s from work for the past year.  Each time the Man Who Knows Everything is here, we sketch ideas and discuss shed-roof versus a hip-roof.  Finally the time was upon us to work on it!  Naturally the heat index went through the roof but since TMWKE had just spent 2 weeks with Red, this seemed easy in comparison!

As you can see there is quite a size difference here.  Right now the girls are just 8 weeks old and are managing in the old coop, but I think they are really going to appreciate the extra room!

Red is inspecting the progress.  We point out exciting things like the awesome linoleum that is way nicer than what is in our kitchen and the chicken wire across the top for ventilation.

Red points out the nifty design features to Buddy, and apparently asks him to imagine opening the door.

As you can see there is a ever so slight difference between the “Coop Redo” and our first attempt.  My suggestion?  Never attempt a chicken coop without at least one Man Who Knows Everything.

You can’t see the beautiful shingles that the Geek got for 1/2 off and nailed down in the 90+ heat, but they are there!  Man that is a sexy chicken coop!  Just needs a door!

Dog, have you seen my new house?  Yes, yes I have.  I hate you.


Wordless Wednesday

Farming Friday–We’re Pregnant!!

On August 4th we decided that we wanted to have a vet come out and check Halo to see where she was in her cycle. The stud we had chosen for her closes the breeding shed September 1st. All of the moves for the girls and for us had been very financially and mentally draining, and it might have made sense to wait and bred both mares in the Spring. After all there was only this tiny window of opportunity. That could mean a good bit of wasted money. Trusting God can often seems like taking a chance.

Halo had shown no signs of heat at all, so I had no expectations. I was at work when the vet called and said “When were you planning on breeding this mare?”

“As soon as possible.”

“Well she has a 4.3 follicle, so how bout tomorrow?”

For those of you who don’t know, a mare usually ovulates at around a 3.5! The vet wanted to know if I could get the semen there by noon the next day. He called me at 11 pm. The breeder can only guarantee next day receipt if you call before 12! Luck? No. God wants us to be successful. I believe that.

The vet bred Halo via Artificial Insemination on August 5th and August 6th. On the 5th her follicle size was a 5.1 and he gave her a shot to induce ovulation. This is important to note for future breedings as mares often follow a consistent pattern with regards to their individual reproductive cycle. If we had checked her a day or two earlier we would have bred her too soon and missed out on this year’s breeding.

The vet returned on August 24th and ultrasounded to confirm a singleton on the left horn.





Evil Cannot be Avoided

I try to avoid stories that are going to cause me emotional distress. Avoidance is a valid solution when it comes to the pain and horror that exist in our society. I do not watch the news anymore because it causes feelings of helpless fury. I steer clear of news websites and let my eyes skitter off yahoonews when I check my mail.

But I couldn’t help see this story. Even though it will cause you distress and further my own I am going to share it.

SMITHFIELD, N.C. — A 4-year-old girl who was severely beaten and tortured in Johnston County died from her injuries Monday evening, Johnston County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Tammy Amaon said.
Hospital workers contacted law enforcement authorities Friday after discovering Teghan Alyssa Skiba had cuts, lacerations, bite marks and signs of sexual assault, Sheriff Steve Bizzell said.
Teghan was taken to Johnston Medical Center by Jonathan Douglas Richardson, who claimed the girl had fallen off a bed. Teghan, who also suffered severe head trauma, was transferred to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill where she later died, Amaon said.

She was 4. God, I wish there were something I could do. I feel powerless and no matter what punishment is meted out to the creature that did this to this precious child, nothing changes the agony and torment that this baby had to endure before her death.

I do not understand. All I can do is bear this numb witness to her tragedy and offer it up for you to do the same. Her name was Teghan Alyssa Skiba and she was beautiful.

Remember her.

Tell me how you combat this feeling. Tell me what you do to avoid the horror in the world. Or if you HELP, tell me how you do that!

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Decluttering continues

As many of you know, we are moving this weekend! As the stack of boxes in the staging area grows, so does the amazing amount of things that we have either trashed or donated. The trunk of my car is literally crammed today with wonderful toys, clothes (including a like new leather jacket) and other items to give to a church yard sale this Saturday.

Why donate a perfectly good leather jacket? Because in line with my quest for simplification I am realizing that just because something is perfectly good, does not mean that it is perfectly good for ME! As I pack I have examined items and asked two simple questions—Do I use this? And/Or Do I love this? If the answer is no—out it goes.

Do a search on peaceful images and normally landscapes will be returned. I noted that they all had something in common, they were simple and uncluttered. A cluttered house gives me such a feeling of conflict and chaos. Everything I can get rid of now is one step closer to peace in our new home.