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Wordless Wednesday



Pollyanna Project Day One

Pollyanna had it easy! She started the Glad Game at a young age and thus it was an entrenched habit. Negativity and a quick temper are practically part of my DNA! Needless to say Day One of the Project was easier said than done. I found myself engaged in a negative conversation before 9 o’clock. I had made at least four hundred and 16 negative mental judgments before lunch. I had one full on blood pressure rising outpouring of anger before 5 o’clock and exactly one poor me pity party before I went to bed. Any suggestions?

This was not the start for which I had hoped. So with Monday behind me, I will let you know I started off Tuesday mainly trying to keep my mouth shut since that seems to be the best way to stay the flow of negativity. How do you think that worked for me?

BTW the blog does not count towards my negativity quotient!

Pollyanna Project

One of the primary reasons I am simplifying my life is Happiness. Happiness can be such an ephemeral thing. Something that has been preventing me from receiving it is my anger and negativity. I had always thought that sharing feelings of anger with others was cathartic. Instead what I have discovered is that each time I “vent” my anger increases exponentially. If I do not give in to my anger and negative feelings, then they dissipate!

So this week kicks off my Pollyanna Project! I am going to try to make it through a whole week without venting, complaining or speaking negatively. I will act cheerful until I FEEL cheerful! I will be kind to others. And above all I will not yell at my children (no matter how hardcore they provoke me!).

Stay tuned!

Zenhabits-Step #9 continued

This minimizing thing is much harder than I anticipated. I thought I would be able to accomplish each step seamlessly within a week-long time frame. As of right now I am still on the same step! At this rate it will take me 6 years to complete the entire list of 72!

But on the side of good, we are all taking this decluttering very seriously. We have thrown away or donated an amazing amount of things. I have gotten rid of a truly astounding amount of clothes with more paring down left to do! We have organized a good selection of things we want to sell on ebay. There are a ton of horse related expenses coming and it would be nice to make some money from our excess accumulation.

By far the most exciting thing we have done thus far is to purchase a really great picture scanner. We are going through all the photo albums, scanning them in and purging the hard copies. Again, I did not correctly estimate the sheer magnitude of this project! So far I have scanned in over 1000 pictures and still have tons to go.

However, all said this is an amazingly cathartic process that I recommend everyone commit to!

Here is a picture of all the boxes and photo albums we started with and the spiffy scanner.

Minimizing Photos

Following zenhabits!

One of my favorite blogs is zenhabits. If you are not reading this you are missing out on something that could add real value to your life. One of the posts I keep coming back to is 72 Tips to Simplify Your Life. Sometimes I have so much chaos swirling in my head I can’t sleep, I can’t focus, and I can’t get any PEACE!

I feel like zenhabits message here was meant for me and I am going to utilize it! Every week I will be selecting one or more of the 72 items and incorporating them into my life. Do you think I will have a simpler life at the end of this experiment? Or do you think that some people just tend towards chaos?

This week I chose

#9 • Purge your stuff. If you can devote a weekend to purging the stuff you don’t want, it feels seriously terrific. Get boxes and trash bags for the stuff you want to donate or toss.
Here is just a small taste of my decluttering efforts:

Book Shelf Before

Book Shelf After

Bedroom Book Shelf Before

Bedroom Bookshelf After


As you can see there is MUCH more to be done!