Wordless Wednesday



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  1. Hi! First time visitor and I’m just getting myself aquainted, but if that is your child- wow, beautiful hair! (I’m sure you get that a lot)

    Also, I noticed in your Twitter feed that you shipped horse semen? Because I’ve totally done that… taken horse semen to the airport (after collected said semen). I used to work at a horse unit.

    Hi! I’m Rachel, by the way! Visiting from the April Blog Hop. Hope you’ll come visit me at http://www.upperbottom.com and @upperbottom (Twitter).

    Cheers and happy spring!


    • Hi Rachel, that is our little precious moonbeam…..who just screamed herself to sleep….neato! But yes, I did have a hand (or something) in creating that hair. Apparently kinda sorta maybe blonde in the right light and boring mouse brown make FREAKING AWESOME RED! Who knew?

      Yes! We did order some wonderful (I hope) semen for one of mares today. I had gotten my confirmation and blurted out amidst decidedly nonhorsie co-workers “I’m so excited! My semen is on its way.” The silence that ensued was uncomfortable for everyone involved.

      Of course your epic comment will cause me to now stalk you!


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