Farming Friday-3 Great Things About Farming

While I can think of many reasons farming is fantastic, today I will stick to just 3.

#1 Constant Improvement

Around the farm there is always something to work on. There is always a project that needs completion, or land that needs clearing, or fence that needs work. Once finished, you have the powerful sense of accomplishment that only witnessing change wrought with your own hands (or heavy powered machinery) can bring.

Project Completion

This is the greatest nesting box in the world! You are certainly free to disagree, but you MUST post pictures of a different one in order to do so. AND I must add that this nesting box was made by TheManWhoKnowsEverything using an old bench and scrap wood he had lying around.

Clearing Land

Clearing Land

If you compare the right hand sides of the two above pictures you will see how much we accomplished….not to mention the fun of FIRE!

Working on Fence

If you haven’t balanced a fencepost on your head have you truly lived?

#2 Involving the Kids

I cannot think of better way to teach children a good work ethic than farming. They learn that work produces results. They learn responsibility and patience through the care of animals. They also learn super important things like chicken poop stinks way worse than horse poop. Maybe all this teaches them the important noble lessons that we hope or perhaps it just teaches them to live in loft apartments in big cities.

Buddy Working

Red Working the Wheelbarrow

#3 Living with Horses!

This reason is self explanatory….but an excuse to post pictures nonetheless!

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11 responses to this post.

  1. The nesting box looks great! I especially love the 2nd reason, involving the kids. A good work ethic goes a long way in life.


  2. I also really loved #2. IMO more people should be including & involving their children in the daily life of the family. Without it kids can lose the ability to gain perspective & a solid work ethic, along with appreciation for the family. It’s wonderful to see that you are helping your kids develop this!


    • Beth you really hit the nail on the head. It is all about us working together as a family to accomplish goals for the common good. I think that good old fashion American individualism has become a monster that has stripped people of the type of support network that was once common place. The current economy really highlights this in my opinion.


  3. If I were not really into being urban, I would be at the other end –we have friends with a farm and it is such a wonderful retreat, with great meals of fresh produce, happy kids, serenity. Sigh. Yes, if I were not in a city condo I would be on a ranch or farm. Anything but the mushy in-between of suburbia.


    • I am excited about the prospect of really KNOWING what went into all the food we eat.

      If this economy has taught us nothing else I hope we have learned that Self-sufficency is the new black!


  4. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but my family has a house on a private lane in the suburbs, with a good bit of land. My mom was constantly filling said land with decidedly non-suburban pets, like sheep, ducks, mallards, and a donkey. I think if she had fully gotten her way, we’d have been living on a real farm.

    Now that I live in the city, I miss that. I hate that I took it for granted.

    You guys are living the dream!


    • You know Erin, this has been my dream for quite a while. Because of that I am able to really apprciate it now.

      I feel very fortunate indeed….and if zombies attack we should be far enough out in the sticks to avoid most of the feeding frenzy!


  5. Lovely. I sometimes wish I were more the living-off-the-land sort. Sadly, I’m an inveterate city girl, so when the zombie apocalypse happens, I’m probably lunch. 🙂


  6. Great pics. I don’t think i could pull off that pole on the head thing.


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