Farming Friday–We’re Pregnant!!

On August 4th we decided that we wanted to have a vet come out and check Halo to see where she was in her cycle. The stud we had chosen for her closes the breeding shed September 1st. All of the moves for the girls and for us had been very financially and mentally draining, and it might have made sense to wait and bred both mares in the Spring. After all there was only this tiny window of opportunity. That could mean a good bit of wasted money. Trusting God can often seems like taking a chance.

Halo had shown no signs of heat at all, so I had no expectations. I was at work when the vet called and said “When were you planning on breeding this mare?”

“As soon as possible.”

“Well she has a 4.3 follicle, so how bout tomorrow?”

For those of you who don’t know, a mare usually ovulates at around a 3.5! The vet wanted to know if I could get the semen there by noon the next day. He called me at 11 pm. The breeder can only guarantee next day receipt if you call before 12! Luck? No. God wants us to be successful. I believe that.

The vet bred Halo via Artificial Insemination on August 5th and August 6th. On the 5th her follicle size was a 5.1 and he gave her a shot to induce ovulation. This is important to note for future breedings as mares often follow a consistent pattern with regards to their individual reproductive cycle. If we had checked her a day or two earlier we would have bred her too soon and missed out on this year’s breeding.

The vet returned on August 24th and ultrasounded to confirm a singleton on the left horn.






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  1. Congratulations!!!! You must be stoked!!!!!! An what a cute little blob, LOL!!!!


  2. Posted by Virginia Pierson on August 27, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    SO excited!


  3. That is so cool. I am completely ignorant of all things horse, but I can bet it’s very exciting for you.


  4. I must be more clueless than I thought w/ horses. They have one cycle per year? Wow! Small window. They are some of God’s most beautiful creatures! Good luck and God bless “mother & baby!”

    ps- FF from BF- have a great weekend!


    • Oh no Jersey, mares are seasonally polyestrus, meaning that they undergo regular cycles during parts of the year (late spring, summer and early fall) and none at others (winter). However, the beautiful stud we bred her to stops shipping semen September 1st. So it would have been nigh on impossible to try again this year.
      I think they are beautiful too!


  5. Congratulations!

    Love your blog. Your life is so different from my very urban existence, but It reminds me of my roots.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. Congrats! She’s a very handsome mare. I always thought it would be fun to breed, but I’ve never been very fond of working w/ foals. They sure are cute though!


  7. Congrats! I am looking forward to baby pics. 🙂


  8. YAY!!!! So exciting! Post pics of the baby! 🙂 How long does that take for horses?!?!? I know NOTHING about horses…

    Love your blog! thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your thoughtful comments! 🙂


    • Thanks Melanie, we are pretty darned excited. I’ll update with pics of Halo regularly throughout her pregnancy and will certainly post pics of the baby! The gestation period for horses is approximately 11 months….so we have quite a wait ahead of us.


  9. Posted by suzie on September 1, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    you know we are super happy for Halo and you guys. we hope sparrow does not get jealous. i still have pics on our phone to get downloaded of the move from here. thanks for keeping this going so we can keep up with you all.


  10. Wow! This was completely a foreign subject for a NYC girl like myself…I guess that saying never gets old huh…”You learn something knew everyday!”

    Congrats Halo ^_^


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