Evil Cannot be Avoided

I try to avoid stories that are going to cause me emotional distress. Avoidance is a valid solution when it comes to the pain and horror that exist in our society. I do not watch the news anymore because it causes feelings of helpless fury. I steer clear of news websites and let my eyes skitter off yahoonews when I check my mail.

But I couldn’t help see this story. Even though it will cause you distress and further my own I am going to share it.

SMITHFIELD, N.C. — A 4-year-old girl who was severely beaten and tortured in Johnston County died from her injuries Monday evening, Johnston County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Tammy Amaon said.
Hospital workers contacted law enforcement authorities Friday after discovering Teghan Alyssa Skiba had cuts, lacerations, bite marks and signs of sexual assault, Sheriff Steve Bizzell said.
Teghan was taken to Johnston Medical Center by Jonathan Douglas Richardson, who claimed the girl had fallen off a bed. Teghan, who also suffered severe head trauma, was transferred to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill where she later died, Amaon said.

She was 4. God, I wish there were something I could do. I feel powerless and no matter what punishment is meted out to the creature that did this to this precious child, nothing changes the agony and torment that this baby had to endure before her death.

I do not understand. All I can do is bear this numb witness to her tragedy and offer it up for you to do the same. Her name was Teghan Alyssa Skiba and she was beautiful.

Remember her.

Tell me how you combat this feeling. Tell me what you do to avoid the horror in the world. Or if you HELP, tell me how you do that!

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Stacey on July 20, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Such sad proof of the horrors that happen in this world. Knowing she is in the arms of God and cannot be hurt anymore is some comfort. For me, it is hard to make sense of tragedies such as this one. The only thing we can do is pray for Teghan and others like her that have suffered or are suffering at the hands of these monsters. And to know that justice awaits them, either here on earth or in the life beyond.


    • It is very hard to understand the evil allowed to persist in the world. No one talks seriously about how to combat evil in the modern day. I feel as though we should do……something…….


  2. Posted by Virginia Pierson on July 20, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    It is horrible. It’s hard to believe that monsters exist in this world, but they do. The best I can tell you is that that sweet little girl is now in the arms of Jesus who loves her more than we can imagine. Thankfully, she will live eternity without remembering what happened to her in this world. To everyone who has children, hug them and remember what a blessing they are and how precious they are. I’ll go hug mine right now!


  3. I think that protected the “smallest of these” is something each person should strive to do in life. I know she is in a better place and will never think on what happened to her again but I am tormented thinking of her suffering.


  4. I read stuff like this and then I look at my own four-year-old and wonder how someone could have a monster big enough inside of them to unleash such horrors upon a child.

    It’s infuriating and frustrating that this poor girl probably only knew pain and fear, and will never get to experience the joys of being a kid. It makes me angry.

    Children and animals. I can’t deal with it.


    • I agree with you Erin. Abuse against the most innocent and helpless of us all really gets to me.
      It makes me want to snuggle mine extra for all that ones like Teghan never received…..oh and never let them out of my sight until they are like 30!


  5. Stories such as this create a slippery slope. Yes, monsters do exist in the world, but they are still a minority compared to the monumental number of genuine, loving people in the world. The best we can do is communicate with one another, offer comfort, support, and guidance in the hopes that knowledge, and watching out for each other, can divert a similar tragedy in the future.


    • Rachel, I agree that monsters are certainly not the majority of humanity….if they were we would be extinct!
      I wish that our world was one in which everyone watched out for one another. Sadly, it seems that America keeps drawing further and further away from the idea of “community”.


  6. It really hurts me too every time I hear another story like this. These are children, this is horrible. I can only pray.


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