Things We Need to Learn

We have a lot of things to learn.

One of my primary goals is to be a functional self-sufficient family. We have a slightly sloping ¼ acre that I want to have under cultivation next spring. As you can see from prior reports the plan is to have a free ranging laying flock sufficient for our needs and then some. I would also like to raise at least 20 free-range meat chickens per year. That should approximate to 100 lbs of chicken meat. Another goal for the spring is to get a nice dual purpose cow, with an eye to raise and slaughter one calf per year and naturally utilize the excess milk. And of course the foundation of our family/business venture—the horses.

So we need to learn about:



Raising and processing free range chickens

Raising cattle for beef and for dairy


Accounting and marketing wouldn’t hurt either!

Our cumulative knowledge of these things is approximately zero (unless the fact that the Man Who Knows Everything is my father confers genetic knowledge!)
If you have any thoughts concerning books or websites that you have found helpful on the above topics—please let us know!


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  1. Posted by suzie on July 11, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    canning is one of my abilities, so will get together with you on that. i have the blue book of canning that ball brothers used to put out on canning etc and will find one for you if can. good to see progress continuing and was good to hear from you today. horses are now coming your way. am putting my address here, cuz not at work this week to email you. 124 fire tower rd. brevard nc 28712. let us know when you get the horses settled in. we will miss them, but am glad you’re getting your babies there where there is a lot of grass.
    love and prayers
    the browns


  2. hey…..I know someome who could teach you about the CANNING !!!!


  3. Hi! I came over from BF, after reading about your horses (I have 2 plus a pony). We too have chickens, but certainly our coop is not fancy like that. We ordered the chickens as little peeps last March and they are just now starting to lay. So much fun 🙂


    • Oh bless your heart for calling our contraption “fancy”! You made my day! Except for the hardware that is all from scrap lumber and pallet wood…..not to mention about a bubble off plumb all over! *grins* Our girls are 10 weeks old so maybe laying by Fall *crosses fingers*


  4. Also, we did raise 17 chickens out of the batch for meat. we still have a good number in our deep freezer. One thing we’re going to do next time is build a whiz bang chicken plucker (find one on youtube) prior to doing so, because the butchering takes so long. Course, I made my hubby do that part!


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