Decluttering continues

As many of you know, we are moving this weekend! As the stack of boxes in the staging area grows, so does the amazing amount of things that we have either trashed or donated. The trunk of my car is literally crammed today with wonderful toys, clothes (including a like new leather jacket) and other items to give to a church yard sale this Saturday.

Why donate a perfectly good leather jacket? Because in line with my quest for simplification I am realizing that just because something is perfectly good, does not mean that it is perfectly good for ME! As I pack I have examined items and asked two simple questions—Do I use this? And/Or Do I love this? If the answer is no—out it goes.

Do a search on peaceful images and normally landscapes will be returned. I noted that they all had something in common, they were simple and uncluttered. A cluttered house gives me such a feeling of conflict and chaos. Everything I can get rid of now is one step closer to peace in our new home.


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