Pollyanna Project

One of the primary reasons I am simplifying my life is Happiness. Happiness can be such an ephemeral thing. Something that has been preventing me from receiving it is my anger and negativity. I had always thought that sharing feelings of anger with others was cathartic. Instead what I have discovered is that each time I “vent” my anger increases exponentially. If I do not give in to my anger and negative feelings, then they dissipate!

So this week kicks off my Pollyanna Project! I am going to try to make it through a whole week without venting, complaining or speaking negatively. I will act cheerful until I FEEL cheerful! I will be kind to others. And above all I will not yell at my children (no matter how hardcore they provoke me!).

Stay tuned!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I think this is a great project and probably will be very rewarding. I actually tried this myself and the minute I decided I wasn’t going to complain or vent, I noticed I just felt differently and much more relaxed and my perspective on everything improved. I am curious to hear how it works out for you. I think it will be everything you hope for.


  2. Seriously??!!! I know where you work. Is this even realistic??! But really, you are so correct in your thinking and I pray you have a wonderful week!


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