A Prospective Property

Our criteria for a new home are pretty stringent.  The area has to be one close to a metropolitan area for job prospects and entertainment, close to colleges, possessing good schools, and most importantly “cheap” land suitable for agriculture.  Due to the transferability of my job, North Carolina gets the highest preference.

After much research and consideration, we have found a pretty good prospect.  The Geek and I searched the internet over and visited some pretty creepalicious properties.  One had a basement from the 1920’s containing an equally old medicine cabinet.  Why I ask you……why?  In any case we are currently focusing on the following property outside the Raleigh/Durham area.  It has enough land to meet our farming needs, a house that with renovation of the attached garage would meet the needs of housing 7 people, an outbuilding which could be converted to suit the needs of our future blacksmith and a beautiful 6 stall barn to house our future horses.


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